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Good morning. I am out of state, my pontoon is in the water

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Good morning. I am out of state, my pontoon is in the water on lake Lanier in GA. I have a 90 hp 4 stroke yamaha in tilt position out of the water. Concern is low temps in the high 20's on Wed. Is there a chance of the unit freezing?

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you today.

Your going to be fine on the engine block as long as you pull the boat out of the water. Outboad engines are self draining. And as soon as you shut the engine off, all water simply drains out of the powerhead on its own. If the boat was in the water, and the lower unit still down, you can have some lakewater sitting there in the exhaust portion of the engine. So if it going to have a hard freeze, with the possibility of the lake freezing over, you would definitely want to pull it. But if it was just a light freeze I would not worry about it. Other than that, the engine block is self draining and does not retain water, so you have nothing to worry about there on the engine block itself.


However, you did say something about having it tilted up. If it is titled up, and it rains, then that water can accumulated in the exhaust cavity in the lower unit. It would be on the inside of the lower unit, right behind the propeller. And if that water freezes, it would crack the lower. If you can have somebody go over and trim it down so it's level, or even throw a trash bag over it the lower unit, that would be best.


Does that make sense? If it does then that should do it here, and just let me know if the ratings box gives you any problems or if you can not see it. If not, or if you just need more detail on something, by all means feel free to reply back before doing the ratings.

If I don't hear back fro you, Thanks in advance,



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX reply, the pontoon is in the water at my dock with the motor tilted up out of the water. I could probably have a neighbor tilt the motor down so the lower unit is in the water until I return.


It is supposed to be 25 F on Tuesday nite, Wed morning so my concern.


Let me know if you think it would be OK as is or to have the unit in the water for a week or so.

If the boat is in the water then have the neighbor tilt it down so the lower unit is submerged. The lake is not going to freeze over in 1 night, and you would be better off with the lower unit under water, where it would be some what insulated by the water. With it trimmed up, if there was any water in that cavity i'm talking about, that would not be insulated and the potental is there for it to freeze and crack. If the lake does start to "skim" over with ice then you will want to haul it out asap.


If there was anything else feel free to ask.

Thanks again,


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