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Will these motors push a 24 Grady White Offshore boat wel

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Will these motors push a 24' Grady White Offshore boat well?

Hello Dean,

Thank you for using, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you with your
concern today.

One thing I always wish to try and do is let you know if
something comes up and I am not able to reply back right away but this is
sometimes something I cannot avoid. I will always try to reply back to you
right away however please understand that I may be busy answering another
customer back and thus it may sometimes take time to reply back to you. As soon
as I return I will be sure to reply back to you as soon as I am able to.

If these are the 175hp motors and since this is a separate question then your other I will be glad to help you.


A pair of 175 motors should push this boat just fine. I have seen some of these with 200's, 225's and 250's on them as well but depending on your use 175's should push the boat along just fine.


As long as your not looking to trying to make a fast boat out of these on this hull they will have no problems pushing it very well.


The hull capacity tag will give max engine size, this does not mean the hull cannot handle more or the weight but you need to figure that in. However if you wish to insure the boat make sure engine hp is within the capacity tag limits or they either will not insure or if a claim is made they usually deny the claim.


Most of these had a 225 or 250 on them, some up to a rare 300... a pair of 175's will be a good fit.





you need any further assistance you can reply back at any time for my help.





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