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Ted G.
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i have a 1988 four winns 3.0 omc cobra, problem i am having

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i have a 1988 four winns 3.0 omc cobra, problem i am having is, when im by myself, boat gets up to speed and plane like normal. when there is 2 adults one at 190 lbs and other at 130 lbs and 4 kids at between 50 lbs to 75 lbs, the boat will not get on plane fast and takes a very long time like minutes and had to move the kids from back to the front and still wait minutes for boat to pick up speed. it does eventually get up to speed (30mph) and runs fine has a 15 p prop and has been running fine so far this summer with no issues like this before. i did notice that at idle it starts good and idles good at 600 rpm, at about half throttle it feels and sounds like its missing a little bit, once boat gets moving (by myslef in it ) it smooths out and runs good.. i did just have to replace the dist gear and did reset timing ( 4tdc ) ( 89 octane ) and new points( set to .019 ) and new cap and re-gapped plugs ( .035 ) ( which looked very good still) and before i replaced dist gear the boat ran fine.. after doing all this, boat has this issue.. checked and cleaned the carb filter ( which was pretty dirty ) checked the filter on fuel pump ( which looked clean still ) took line off fuel pump and cranked motor and it shot gas about 6 feet. but now im at a confused state on where to go next..and what could possibly be the cause of this.
You have been pretty thorough on your checks and since everything else Seems good I suspect you have some clogging in the carburetor. We are seeing all kinds of carb issues with the ethanol in the fuel building up deposits in there. If your high speed jets are somewhat clogged it would drop power enough to cause your symptoms. A carb rebuild and cleaning is probably in order.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok ty, was hoping maybe something else since carb rebuilding is not an area i know much about. can i take it off and take it into someone that knows how and then let them do it then bring it home and put it back on and adjust mixtures from that point??? or do they need the boat there to do it all so to make sure they did it correctly or for adjustments

You should be able to do that, take it to someone and then bring it back and adjust, that is a pretty simple setup and just a little idle adjustment may be necessary. A lot of guys are doing carb rebuilding again because it is becoming such a problem. We are seeing some boats need it every year.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok ty very much for your knowledge, will try that and see how it goes..