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Johnson 6hp outboard. I want to change water impeller. have

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Johnson 6hp outboard. I want to change water impeller. have removed 4 lower unit bolts. Unit came down 1/4 inch. I rotated flywheel slowly many times but unit will not drop further. HELP
Welcome,this question may need more than a single answer. Please post back with additional questions on this at any time.

OK what we need to do is to disconnect the shift shaft.
As you know there is a pin on the upper part of the driveshaft. Rotate the flywheel slowly until you feel a little give. The pin sometimes gets off center a little and sticks. It is usually best to do this with the engine verticle. If it is way off you can firmly pry the lower unit down but will need to replace the pin with a new one as it will be bent. Try not to damage it though and be careful prying on the lower unit to not break the housing.
Once it comes down just a little, if you are at 1/4" you should be there reach between the midsection and lower unit with a socket and ratchet and remove the lower bolt from the shift shaft coupler. Check the bolt and coupler are not stripped which is common, if so replace the bolt and coupler.
When you go to install the lower unit if the upper pin is bent, replace it. If it is sloppy in the hole through the drive shaft put it in place with a dab of weatherstrip adhesive. This will align the pin and help with removal in the future.
Due to Internet problems I may or may not be available this evening. If you need me please go ahead and respond and I will answer asap.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The 3/32 roll pin broke off on both sides. On reassembly can I just replace the pin and slide the drive shaft back into the upper assembly? This engine was purchased 1973, used 5 years intermittenly, then the owner had a stroke and oiled up the engine and put it in storage. Several months ago he died and I now have the engine. I took the carb. apart to clean it and it was spotless. It runs like new. Can the pieces of broken roll pin cause me future problems if I leave them in there?

The broken pieces will fall out if they haven't already. The pin can be replaced, all it does is hold the bottom seal in place. A real screwy way of doing things but that's how they did it back then.
When you slide the lower unit back up just turn the flywheel a little to align the driveshaft it should go right up. Read above about a dab of adhesive to hold it in place.
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