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03 Merc 60hp 2 stroke. Tach quit working, battery guage ready

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03 Merc 60hp 2 stroke. Tach quit working, battery guage ready 11 volts at all times. Replaced voltage regulator. No fix

OK, don't put a lot of faith in the gauge on the dash when it comes to voltage. The only place to read charge voltage that you can trust is right at the battery terminals. Boat volt meters are notorious for reading low.

You likely need a new gauge.


What is the serial number off your motor, please?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
0t603766. The fact that the other battery 1yr old gradually died and would not recharge and after putting a new battery in I watched the guage go from 12, to 11 over the last month. This was noticed when the Tach quit working at all.

For starters, you may want to disconnect the tach, or replace it. You cannot test a tachometer except to replace it with a known good one, If the good one works hooked up to the same wires as the suspect tach, it's bad. If the known good one doesn't work, the problem is the tach wiring.

You should still check the voltage at the battery. If you try to do a repair and assume something works it will bite you one the butt. Not to mentions waist a bunch of time.

If your voltage is indeed low, with a new regulator on the motor that pretty much means the charge coil on the stator is bad. So instead of just replacing the stator, it's easier to check the Battery voltage ( and a lot cheaper) than it is to replace the stator

You may even have a problem with the tach shorting the power wire in it to ground. This too will cause a lowered reading on the volt meter

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So I have one large and one small wire (Red) at the battery terminal. I am assuming with my standard VOM on DC I should be reading around 14 volts?
If you have the motor running, and touch the volt meter leads to the battery post you should read between 13.5 and 15 volts
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