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Yachtwork, Marine Engineer
Category: Boat
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Experience:  MEC3 and RYA Yachtmaster Ocean
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i have a yanmar Deisel generator that is a YDG2700 EE-E. just

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i have a yanmar Deisel generator that is a YDG2700 EE-E. just replaced the whole fuel system. new air filter and full tune up. i still cant get it to run. has 1.4 hours on it. any ideas?
Try starting it on WD-40, (not starting fluid) gently sprayed into the air intake with the air filter removed. It if starts give little pssstttts of WD040 to keep it running for about 30 seconds. This might clear the air block. These enignes were natorious for difficult bleeding. If that does not work pull the fuel injection line from the injection pump to the injector and let the engine spin checking till you see fuel flow out where the injection line should be.

That should get it going.

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