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I have a 1985 mercury outboard 75 hp, 4 cyl. History the engine

Resolved Question:

I'm on dial up so attachments will not work!!!!!

I have a 1985 mercury outboard 75 hp, 4 cyl. History: the engine has not been consistant maintaining an idle speed. In the spring I rebuilt the fuel pump, installed new needles and seats in the carbs. Trolling it has been fine when I shift to neutral the rpm increase to a point of not wanting to shift maybe 2000 rpm. When the engine sits and cools off it may be fine idling when you go and shift it into gear it stalls. I bought the boat/motor to a marina and found the gasketing between the exhaust and the water gasket curcuiting was loose (4 bottom bolts) there not sure but they feel that is the problem. I have taken all the bolts out of the exhaust and water plates ready to remove and install new gaskets. How do you remove the bracket supporting the Forward, Neutral and Reverse cable? I have removed two bolts on the bracket but something is still holding it in place preventing the plates to be removed. The inside of the 2 plates appears to contant a white milky substains (I'm not sure if thats the water or exhaust) should that all be washed out. Can the trim around the bottom of the engine be lowwered enough to get at the 4 bottom bolts on these plates. Plates maybe the wrong term (water and exhaust heads). I'll look forward to your answer. Fish Bob
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Whitecap36 replied 7 years ago.
Hello, I'm Mike.
It is possible that several posts may be necessary to complete. It is possible to remove the water jacket.cover and water jacket plate without lifting off the power head. You will be able to gain some clearence by lowering the lower cowling. To do this you need to remove top piece that surrounds the flywheel from the front and rear bracket supports and come to think of It the rear piece should be removed as well . Then remove the 4 screws holding the horse shoe shaped piece from under the bottom cool as well so there is room to pull the cowling down in back to give you room to get to the bottom bolts. The are three bolts that hold.the shift bracket. Was there water/white stuff on the spark plugs?
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Expert:  Whitecap36 replied 7 years ago.

The white stuff is water and oil/gas/exhaust are mixing and if this is in the cylinders you may have a cracked or corroded water jacket cover, which is what your going after to inspect, could also be a gasket issue. May be getting water in for other reasons but this is the most likely and recommended place to start. Yeah I would clean out the white stuff as best a you can. When fixed it will burn the rest out when you run engine.

The third bolt is under the bracket if you don't see it I can try and find a picture for you.

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