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RSRBOB, Technician
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Experience:  Former Yamaha Factory Service Rep, Dlr Line Tech, Serv Mgr, G/M
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I have a 2006 Yamaha 1100 Jetski with a 110hp engine on it.

Resolved Question:

I have a 2006 Yamaha 1100 Jetski with a 110hp engine on it. Everytime i go down the lake and leave off of the gas it shoots to the right. If i leave off of the gas slowly is the only time i can control it from going to the right but going fast puts me in danger if someone or something is to the right of me.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 7 years ago.
Jet propelled water craft steer by directing the flow of water coming out of the back of the jet pump.

The owner's manual says "Do not release the throttle when trying to steer away from objects-you need throttle to steer." P.1-11, Yamaha Owner's Manual, 2006 VX110 Sport, VX110 Deluxe.

Essentially the stern of the ski is pushed by the thrust of the pump to point the bow in the desired direction and the design of the hull allows it to turn. There is no rudder effect that would steer the ski without thrust being applied, no matter how fast the ski is travelling.

What you are feeling concerning the "shoots to the right" is actually the boat attempting to continue in its original direction. (discontinuation of the left turn and returning to a straight ahead course, which feels like shooting to the right.

To play the devil's advocate here, paraphrasing the owner's manual, you are required "to operate your craft defensively at a safe speeds and keep safe distances away from people, objects and other watercraft." Based on that warning and your description, you are not leaving enough room for error if releasing the throttle would cause you to hit a person or object. This is similar to the warning that water craft do not have brakes (yet) and therefore you must slow down prior to docking or pulling up to another craft or a person.

Yamaha did incorporate an off throttle steering system to help with off throttle steering.
It will activate at planing speeds if you attempt to steer the water craft after releasing the throttle. The OTS assists in turning by continuing to supply some thrust while the water craft is decellerating, but you can turn more sharply if you apply throttle while turning the handlebars. The OTS does not function below planing speeds or when the engine is off. Once the engine slows down, the water craft will no longer turn when you turn the handle bars until you apply throttle or reach trolling speed.

It sounds like the solution to your scenario is to be aware that the ski must maintain thrust to steer its best, XXXXX XXXXX speeds and distances from other crafts objects or people and it will not present a problem.


Edited by RSRBOB on 8/11/2010 at 8:19 PM EST
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have rode many jetski's in my day and never experienced anyone of them throwing you to the right when you left off of the gas. Everyone i ever driven when you left off of the gas it just slowed down in a straight lane.
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 7 years ago.
If you are in a turn, you will lose the turning trajectory when you let off the throttle. Unfortunately, if you feel your ski is different, a qualified expert is going to have to ride your ski and evaluate it.

About the only thing that comes to mind is if you have some non stock parts on the ski. Something like after market ride plate, intake grate, sponsons, perhaps even an impeller. If you have non stock parts on there, you may need to go back to OEM parts and re-test the ski.

You did not mention if you have had this ski since new, but if not, perhaps there has been fiberglass damage to the hull that is affecting the handling. Perhaps there has been damage done to the hull and it is no longer true. That could adversely affect the handling as well.

The scenario you describe sounds normal, but if you feel it is different, it is a case that does not translate well in the written word. Either there is more to the story, or someone that knows skis, design and manufacture is going to have to evaluate your ski in person.

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