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-Boat; 1989 Sea Ray Sundancer 280 w/ 5.7L v-8, Alpha One outdrives -Problem

Resolved Question:

-Boat; 1989 Sea Ray Sundancer 280 w/ 5.7L v-8, Alpha One outdrives
-Problem - Portside engine begins to run hot under load.
Idle and cruising upto 3100 rpm - no problems.
When I hammer throttle (3200 to 4,000 RPMs) the water temp guage creeps from 145 degrees to 170,180 and beyond. When I slow down it cools back down fairly quickly to 145.
What's been done - Replaced: thermostat, Circ. pump, sea water pump, belt, both exhaust manifolds and elbows.
What next ????
Is there obstruction or restriction, hose collapse???
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Jeremy R. replied 7 years ago.

sounds like the impeller housing in the drive is bad or one of the cooling hoses has a pin hole leak

what i do is use clear hoses on the motor and see if you get air bubbles
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The impellor housing was just replaced.

Please emphasize the air bubbles theory

Expert:  Jeremy R. replied 7 years ago.

if your housing is bad, it will cause low pressure and volume at lower at higher speeds

at low speeds it can keep up, because there is the same pressure and volume to keep up

i bet the cooling line behind the drive has a pin hole leak, or you burnt the impeller up using muffs on land or the housing is bad

I have also seen the joint the cooling lines come out of the drive clog up and also the oil cooler can clog up

if you have sea-grass in the lake or sea that can be part of the problem also!
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