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I have a 97 115 yamaha outboard and its very hard to start

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I have a 97 115 yamaha outboard and its very hard to start because it floods very easy, but once it starts it runs great snd starts very easily after that. Is the any special way i should start it and does it matter if its trimed a little?
I will be happy to assist you. If you have a question or need clarification please post back at any time.
You will want to check a few things. First check the fuel pumps aren't leaking into the engine. Take them loose from the block, squeeze the primer bulb, you should not have any fuel come out the back pulse hole in the fuel pump. If OK reinstall.
When starting the engine make sure the engine is level.
When filling the carbs with fuel, squeeze the primer bulb only enough to fill the carbs, you don't have to fill them to overflowing or until the bulb is real hard.
To start;
Left the warm up lever or advance the throttle until you just feel some resistance. This will advance the timing but not open the carbs. You can hear the difference in the carbs from closed to open.
Push the key in or use the choke switch to activate the choke.
While holding the choke crank the engine. If it tries to start or starts, release the choke. If it does not immediately start, you may have to choke it again.
Lower the throttle as the engine starts. Don't rev the engine in neutral.

You may need to lean out the idle mixture a bit if the engine bogs at idle speeds.
Check that you have good spark on all 4 cylinders at cranking speeds.
Run some Ring Free or other carbon cleaner in your fuel to improve efficiency of the engine at low speeds.
Post back with any additional questions or comments.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That still didnt work and it flooded again but i charged the battery all the way and it started right up. Does that make since?
Sure does, if the engine isn't turning over fast enough it doesn't create enough electrical energy to create a good spark, so what happens is the pistons are still moving, the engine is still pulling in fuel and air and yet not enough to get the spark going.
One of the problems we have here is we can't see or examine the engine. So we have to take it for granted the engine has a good, fully charged battery, fresh fuel and tight clean connections.
Try the method I posted for starting and it may start easier now.
Glad the engine is starting properly now.
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