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Master Tech
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Hi....I need to replace the water intake hose on my mercruiser

Customer Question

Hi....I need to replace the water intake hose on my mercruiser 175, with an alpha one sterndrive. Is there any tricks to this as ive heard it can be very involved?.... or are there any step by step references online you can direct me to? Thanks in advance.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Master Tech replied 7 years ago.

You'll need to remove the outdrive and then loosen the bellhousing so you can move it around a bit to access the clamps on the water hose.


Shift the drive into fwd, remove the rear tilt pin and then the 6 nuts holding the drive to the bellhousing. Remove the outdrive.


Next, you will need to remove the trim limit and sender from the sides of the gimbal ring. Hold the bellhousing all the way down, remove the screws and remove the senders. Don't disturb the adjustments of either switch or you will be readjusting them when you put it all back together.


Remove the torx head bolts holding the bellhousing to the gimbal ring.


Next remove the U-joing bellows clamps and take the bellows off to get it out of your way.


Now you will have access to the clamps holding the water hose in place between the bellhousing and the transom plate.


Replacement is exactly the reverse.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Evinrude-tech.....thanks, XXXXX XXXXX is there a picture step by step you can also direct me to?
Expert:  Master Tech replied 7 years ago.
I'm not aware of one other than in the service manual for the engine. If I can find a good diagram I'll scan it and attach it later.
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Expert:  Master Tech replied 7 years ago.

This can be done without removing the bellhousing. It takes a little more patience and a bit more skill though.


Once you have the drive off tip the bellhousing as high as you can get it and try to remove the clamps on the U-joint bellows with a 1/4" drive swivel socket on a long 12" extension. If you can get the U-joint bellows off this way you can surely get the water hose off this way as well.


If you can't get at the clamps then removing the bellhousing bolts will make it a lot easier for you.


Best of luck and "thanks" for the accept.

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