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Jack, Marine Mechanic
Category: Boat
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Experience:  Master Mercury Outboards and Mercruiser technician. 45 yrs. exp.
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I have a Mercury 1983 50 HP engine with a trim tilt. The first

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I have a Mercury 1983 50 HP engine with a trim tilt. The first issue I have is with the trim tilt. When I tell it to tilt up it just clicks. when I tell it to tilt down it just clicks. When I hit the trailer button it just clicks. I have checked the oil in it and it is full. Is it dead? Also is there a way to manually tilt the engine so I can get it to the shop with out dragging the engine? Thanks, Ted
Hi Ted, is the trim pump inside the boat or is it all contained on the motor itself. If you have the serial number, that would help also. Thanks, Jack.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Jack, the trim pump was installed when my uncle purchased his 2nd motor for the boat so I believe it would be considered "After market" It does appear to be a mercury product though. I could not find a serial number on it. To answer your quesiton it is not a part of the engine it is mounted outside the boat and to the lower left side of the boat.

thanks for taking my question.


OH by the way I figured out how to manually tilt the engine up. It was a silver large hand screwable screw that you turn and after turning it I was able to tilt the engine up.

Ted, it seems that what this is, is a non Mercury product. Cook Manufacturing makes a trim unit which is actually a plate which the motor mounts to, then the entire unit moves the motor up and down. The unit probably has a relay or solenoid set up somewhere in the back of the boat. You should be able to follow the tilt motor wires to this unit. The same rules will apply to test the electric motor.. That is to remove the heavy motor wires from their location and put 12 volts into the wires. this will confirm if the motor itself will run. If it does, then the problem is in the relay/solenoid system. Because of the non-function in both directions, my money is on a bad electric motor. Then the issue is to find out who manufactures it and get a replacement. There is most likely an ID plate on the trim unit somewhere. Any chance you could send a picture of the unit? Jack.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Jack, I will look for the model number but in the mean time I found these pictures that look identical to the unit I have with the exception of the resouvour the knob to turn on it on my old unit is silver and large.










Ted, do I understand correctly that this pump is mounted on the outside of the boat, next to the outboard motor?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Actually, I meant to convey that it is indeed inside the boat on the back wall beside the outboard engine.

OK, I gotcha. You are probably seeing a single solenoid mounted onto the unit. This solenoid is utilized for only the "up" circuit which is blue. The down circuit which is green runs directly to the motor. This is a brush type motor and it has 3 wires coming out of it. They are, green (down), blue (up), and black (ground). Energizing either colored wire with 12 volts and grounding the black should make the motor run. This motor is vulnerable to water intrusion. It can be disassembled and rebuilt, and parts are available. You will also find the motor portion of the pump available as an assembly which can be mounted onto the reservoir. The heavy red wire which runs from the battery to the solenoid provides voltage for the solenoid (which you hear clicking) and the electric motor, so we know that the wire is doing it's thing or you would not get a click. Likewise, the heavy black wire is supplying a ground. You will also find that you can buy the motor with the reservoir mounted to it and save some work on your part. I hope this info gets you along. Thanks, Jack.
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