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capt ron 1959
capt ron 1959, Marine Mechanic
Category: Boat
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Experience:  30+ yrs. exp. Own a mobile marine shop in SW Florida
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2007;50 MERC # ON PROP IS 816706A40P14 When I google the 816

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2007;50 MERC # XXXXX PROP IS 816706A40P14 When I google the 816 # XXXXX says
12 1/4 I measure at most 10 diameter.I want to stop porpusing of a 600
lb fisher 1754 alum jon boat. no tach or speedometer came with package
any advice would be greatly appreciated. benny
Hello Benny,my Mercury book shows that prop at 10 3/8 dia x 14 pitch,without a tach to tell us where we are at with that prop,it is hard to give you a good replacement.You say it is porpusing,have you tried trimming it in to stop the porpuse.At what throttle position does it start to porpose.
          Capt Ron
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have speedometer on hummingbird it shows up to 30 mph. when I start out ( hole shot )

motor trimmed all the way down it is a great start. at any speed from 20 to 30 if you try to trim up you can only move the motor 1 maybe 2 inches and the porpusing starts bad enough you hurry to lower it. I want to stop the porpuse, I went to a merc dealer and he said I need a $70

tach and $80 labor to even begin to see if I need a diff prop or trim tabs another $400

so it appears i could spend $500 to resolve this.

Hello Benny,did you buy the boat and motor as a package.Acording to Mercury,you should probably be running a 10. x 16 pitch,Merc Part # XXXXX on 600 lb boat,200 lb engine,250 lb people and gear,and 6 gal. of gas.Hope this helps,let me know.
                             Capt Ron
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am in sanford fl and bought this complete package from Gander Mtn. it came as is with the

prop# XXXXX gave earlier. Do you think if I buy the prop you suggest it will help stop most or some of the porpusing? It may be the wrong prop.

Hello Benny,i can't say it will stop it,but by Mercury's formula,they make the best props available,the part number I gave you is what Mercury says should be on your motor/boat combo.I wish you had a tach so we could really see what your rig is doing,just to be sure,that is the only way to prop your rig out correctly.
               Capt Ron
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will buy a tach an put it on the try to contact you again. can you tell me what color wires hook to the tach. there are 3 connectors under the console. Thanks man.
The tach wires are black for ground,purple for power and grey is the tach lead.Let me know what happens.