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how do you adjust the air-fuel mixture screw on a Honda (40HP)

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how do you adjust the air-fuel mixture screw on a Honda (40HP) outboard motor. The screw will only turn a little more than one eight because there is a locking tab on them. How did they get them in in the first place?
those tabs are on there because the carbs have been setup at the factory to meet the epa standards and they dont want anyone to change thoes settings, so if the motor is running rough there is probably some debris in the carb that needs to be cleaned out. because the carb is so finely tuned with very small fuel jets to meter fuel delivery to the motor it doesnt take very much to partialy block a fuel passage. thoes tabs are pressed on after the motor has been setup at the factory and are very difficult to remove but can be done with a effort to pull them off.
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