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How do i set the timing on a Polaris PWC 1999 700 XLTH

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How do i set the timing on a Polaris PWC 1999 700 XLTH
On the front side of the engine there is the stator housing.
On the top of that there is a plug that looks like a big bolt.
Pull that out.
Remove the spark plugs and rotate the engine around until the front piston is at top dead center. You can do this by had by grabbing ahold of the drive shaft on the rear of the engine and turning it. Look down in that hole when you get the front piston to the top most position of travel. You should see a mark through that plug hole on the flywheel.
This determines that the flywheel key is in good shape so your crank and flywheel are in time.
To actually check it on the run you'll want to attatch a timing light to the front cylinder spark plug wire and shine it in the plug hole while running just above idle. you should see the timing mark.
If it's not there you'll want to try and figure out by moving the light around which side of the hole the mark is.
Then to adjust it you'll have to remove the front cover off the flywheel housing and remove the flywheel with a puller, Then the stator is screwed down with slotted holes.
You can loosen it and move it in the direction you need the mark to show up in that plug hole.
Then reassemble and double check it.
Good Luck
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have already checked the woruff key and it good and stator is also working as well.

Basically i bought it cheep and found that behind the magneto /flyweel there an ajustable magnet plate that had two screws penitrating thru the magneto/ flywheel to adjust the electronic ignition. these two screws had vibrated out so i have replaced them

but i dont know the exact rotation setting for this plate.

Does it have a base setting like 10 deg ahead or 10 deg behind.

I did see the hole and can see the TDC mark on the flywheel but theres no line up mark on the block for alingment that I can find so far? do you know excatly were it is?

There's no mark on the block that mark on the wheel just needs to be center of the plug hole.
Now for the stator the screws should be as close to center as possible.
That's where they are put together at the factory.
There's no timing marks to measure the degrees for advancing or retarding it.
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