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Mercury 115 HP outboard Model ELPTO-1994 Produces constant

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Mercury 115 HP outboard Model ELPTO-1994
Produces constant warning for overheating and low oil.
When cranking engine the warning tone is continues, suggesting the test condition is a problem.
There is enough oil in the tank, and the engine per the temperature sensor (showing below 145) is not overheating.

I am guessing that a oil warning module is defective?
How to troubleshoot efficiently?


Hello Henri,

There is a cork float in the oil tank which can become saturated with oil and sink which will cause an alarm. If this is the case the tank must be replaced This is something I have run in to, but here are some other checks you can do.





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Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Your answer makes a lot of sense to me. I may have a problem locating the various components. Do you by any chance have a picture of the engine that shows the location of the overheat sensor on the engine? This not be the sensor that connects to the temperature gauge (I suspect that sensor is in fact a variable resistor).


I am also looking for the location of the warning module. Assuming I find those locations, do you have part numbers for these pieces?


I am an EE and I do have a handheld multimeter.


Please let me know.






Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Your answer was very helpful. I hope you can provide answers to the follow-up. In the mean time I "accepted" the answer.




[email protected]


Thank You Henri


I will be happy to help. Go to this website and find your engine. You can find parts ID and break down . . You can also identify the different componets by the wire colors.