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I have oil coming out of the exhaust with the water.

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I have oil coming out of the exhaust with the water.
Hi. This could be normal, but I need some additional info. Could you give me the model & serial number & the brand of motor. Also any history on the motor would help. Are you running the motor in or out of the water when you see the oil & what color is the oil, (black, yellow, brown) ???? Thanks.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have a 1996 150 hp Yamaha, I can get the serial number but don't have it with me.

The black oil is coming out of the prop exhuast with the water. I just installed new plugs and fuel filter. I haven't ran the motor in about four months. All of the work has been done buy a certified Yahama Mechanic who if very good.

I am running it on a hose just to rinse the engine. I haven't had it in the water running.

Trying to get everything in order to start fishing.

Hi. It sounds like the motor was in off season storeage & has fogging oil coming out. The other thing with running the motor on a flushing device you can see some black type of fuel/oil mix which is normal, (the motor runs lean on the flush muffs due to no back pressure in the exhaust). If the motor is running ok, from my experience this is normal fuel/oil residue coming from the exhaust & nothing to worry about, once in the water will tell you for sure. I hope this has helped you, please click accept. If I can be of further help please contact me. Good luck & Thanks.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I didn't put any fogging oil in for storage I would run the motor when I couldnt take it out.

Due to Hurraine Ike I wasn't able to run it for 4 months. I have never had oil come out of the prop exhuast before. The motor is running very well. Serial # XXXXX

There was about a cup of oil come out of the prop exhuast. Do you still think it ok?



Hi Mike. If the oil is black & only coming out when you run it & no excessive smoke coming from the motor then it may be normal (should not be a cup of oil thou), You may have had a carb. needle stick open (especially if it only happened once ???) & it was running rich for a minute or so, I would take the boat out & run it to varify all is running ok first before you start troubleshooting. Good luck & Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX me again if I can help.
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