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how do i winterize a honda aquatrax f12x

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how do i winterize a honda aquatrax f12x


  • Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank and run the watercraft for five minutes on the flush hose to circulate it thru the entire fuel system.
  • Remove the spark plugs and spray fogging oil into each cylinder for three seconds. Separate the lube fitting for the throttle bodies and spray fogging oil into each half of the fitting for three seconds then reconnect the two halves. Remove the black wire harness connectors that attach to each fuel injector then crank the engine over for thirty seconds to work the lube thru the engine.
  • Reinstall the spark plugs and reattach the fuel injector wire connectors.
  • Attach a four foot length of hose to the flush hose fitting on the hull and attach a funnel to the other end. Slowly add 5 quarts of biodegradable antifreeze to the funnel while holding the funnel as high as possible. It will take a while to work the air out of the system and it helps to alternately raise and lower the hose.
  • Remove the hull drain fittings and raise the front of the watercraft to drain any water. Let the watercraft sit outside in the sun for a day with the seats off to dry any remaining water. Spray the entire engine and all cables with Honda watercraft aerosol lube to prevent corrosion.
  • Remove the battery, charge it fully and recharge it every thirty days.

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