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I have a 2006 suzuki 150 4 stroke. When I first start it ...

Resolved Question:

I have a 2006 suzuki 150 4 stroke efi outboard. When I first start it cold after the motor has been in the tilted up position for a few days it idles fine for about thirty seconds or so but then idles rough, starts to smoke a bit then stalls. After restarting a few more times it starts to smooth out and then I'm good for the day. I took it to the dealer and he said that it was ok but he did not keep the motor in the up position but left it down in the water for a day. When I got it back from him and after the motor was in the up position for a few days it did the same thing. Idled good for 50 seconds, started to run rough, smoked a bit and then stalled. Even if I tried to keep the RPM's up at idle it kept on surging up and down in RPM's but if I kept on restarting it after about 5 times or so and let it idle, it seamed to clear itself out and I was on my way again. No problems out on the water after turning off and restarting. What the heck?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Boat
Expert:  Pappy's Sales and Service replied 9 years ago.
Hello..What you have is a dirty pintle on a fuel injector. This is the needle that controls fuel spray into cylinder. When trimmed up the fuel rail has around 30psi fuel pressure and fuel slowly drips into cylinder. It washes oil off cylinder wall so this is where smoke is from. Check your oil it may be contaminated with fuel. The ethanol in fuel is not helping either ,as it draws moisture from the surrounding enviroment. This will pit pintle needles. Have injectors removed and sent to Tony Brucato for cleaning and flowing( Also start running this:

Part # XXXXX

BEST Ethanol Problem Fighter
Extra Corrosion Protection & Fuel System Cleaning
For Optimal, Everyday Performance & Protection
Recommended to be used at Every Fill Up, Not Just for Seasonal Storage
DOUBLE the Corrosion Preventers in Regular STA-BIL
Over FOUR TIMES the Fuel System Cleaner in Regular STA-BIL
Use in ALL 2 & 4-cycle marine engines, in gasoline, gasoline/oil mixtures and ethanol blends
Also safe to use in ALL stored or infrequently driven collector cars, motorhomes, tractors, snowmobiles, motorcycles, lawnmowers and ALL outdoor power equipment.
One bottle treats up to 320 Gallons

Item UPC# XXXXX 73905 22240 2
Pack: 6/ 32 fl. oz. (6/946 mL)

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you very much. I have no idea why the dealer had not a clue about this but for now on the internet is the way to go to find someone with experiance in these matters. Money well spent!

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