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2008 BMW 135i here. 130k miles, full bolt ons with Cobb Tune

Customer Question

Hi, 2008 BMW 135i here. 130k miles, full bolt ons with Cobb Tune (custom tune), and monitoring via Cobb Accessport V3. Had not driven the car for a few days, went to drive today, bad idle, a few backfires, rough idle, car shaking, within a minute threw a bunch of codes (cylinders 5 & 6 misfire, all cylinders misfire, random misfires, lambda code I did not write down, sorry!). Just replaced spark plugs and cylinder 6 coil 200 miles ago (due to cylinder 6 misfire code). Turned off car, cleared codes, restarted, started rough again, no SES this time. Turned it off, restarted, ran fine, drove it to work and back, no issues. Noticed on the way home that Lambda Bank 2 sensor was not operating within 14.7 fluctuating range (reading stuck in range of 29.3). Got home, and started it about an hour later. Both Lambda sensors working normally and within 14.7 range. Started and idled fine, no SES. However, getting 2 fault codes, P2C3A, Lambda code before catalyst 2, dynamics, and P2C3E, Lambda code before catalyst 2, line fault. Can't find any leads on those 2 codes.
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Shawn Few replied 2 months ago.

Hey ,how are you
I seen That your post been sitting for a long time without an answer ,I 'm sorry for your long wait without getting an answer till now
I will try to help you on this issue if you have not gotten it resolved yet
Please Let Me Know
Thank You
ASE Certified Technician

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thanks anyway, I have an appointment this week with a local shop to get it figured out. I guess there aren't that many BMW experts on this site.