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I am working on a 2010 BMW 528 ix. The car was purchased at

Customer Question

I am working on a 2010 BMW 528 ix. The car was purchased at a dealer as a 50,000 mile trade in from New York.It is supposed to have been checked over and considered in new condition. Since the owner purchased it in 2013 she has put 11,000 miles on it to date The only problem she has had was a battery replacement. A few months after the battery was replaced the display monitor would not function properly The screen/monitor would be black and then show the BMW logo after short period of time. Attempting to access any of the functions with the control dial or buttons that operate the Navigation, Entertainment and Climate Control systems has no effect on these functions. At any random time the entire system comes on and everything works as it should. All the functions co-operate and are displayed on the monitor. It usually continues to function until the car is turned off. Upon startup the system does not operate and the screen is again black or the BMW logo is displayed. This switches back and forth on the monitor at random. Then, when it decides to, the display comes on and everything functions properly once again. Am I looking at an intermittent open circuit? Might this be a relay that has a mind of it's own? Whether the monitor functions or not the car runs just fine.Engine starts, Headlights, brake lights, interior lights, seat functions, moon roof all operate fine. Might the computer boot up sequence be incomplete? Can you please help me. The owner is getting pretty fed up with this issue. The BMW dealer where she purchased the car was requested to trouble shoot the problem., After explaining what I have just explained to you,they charged me $175.00 to tell me that I was correct in what was happening but would need the car for a few days and trace the wiring circuit by circuit at an hourly rate with no estimate for the procedure. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have little hair left from pulling it out.
Thank You for any information you can provide.
Michael Thibeau
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Steve replied 10 months ago.
do you have access to a bmw scan tool?
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
No, unfortunately. I thought the BMW dealer would at least have run a scan. My bad? .
Expert:  Steve replied 10 months ago.

what exactly have you checked so far? what type of information are you seeking about this? possible causes?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I have not been able to locate an accurate electrical schematic to try and locate wh
at specific circuit may be at issue. I was hoping from your experience you may have encountered a similar malfunction. If I could possibly trace the malfunction to a specific part or location within the circuit I could address that area. I will purchase a OBD 2 CODE reader and the correct information cable to fit the car. I do not understand how a code reader can locate an error that occurs at random. If you can recommend a supplier that might have a detailed schematic I can purchase I would appreciate it. The Internet seems to have a huge variety to offer. I will test the fuses and relays myself so I can either discount this being a problem or continue to research additional areas regarding this. I find it hard to believe I am the only person with this type of issue.
Mike Thibeau
Expert:  Steve replied 10 months ago.

hi, sorry for the delay, did you still need help?