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Mini Cooper's New Serepentine Belt is Snapping.

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2012 Mini Cooper with 76,000 miles on it. I brought it to the mechanic to get rear brakes changed. They said my serpentine belt was due to be changed (no symptoms of it, but old so I had it done and I have used this mechanic for a couple of years with no problems). I left the mechanic and within 2 miles, the new serpentine belt snapped. Total mechanical failure. They changed the belt free of charge and changed the belt tensioner. I drove the car 12 miles and the belt snapped again. The belt looks frayed, melted and demolished.
Why is this happening?
I understand your concern, but you now have a legitimate case against them if you need it.
Let them do their job this one last time. It seems to me like they installed the belt wrong both times causing it to snap. Let them know how fearful you are of this right now and only want your car back, FIXED right this time or you will need to take other measures.
Thanks, Ron
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Ha! I have already done this Ron.I imagine that they know how to install a serpentine belt. This is a fairly common part and this is a very busy garage. I have a BMW certified mechanic working on my car. I am looking for advice on what could be causing the belt to snap other than a belt installed incorrectly. Are there other parts/issues/diagnostics that they should or could be running?

Nope, the clue here is that everything was fine until they replaced it the first time. Just because they provide these qualifications, does not mean they can't make a mistake and misread the belt diagram under the hood. Also, the belt may have been replaced by a lower level tech and NOT the tech you think may have done it.

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Thanks again, Ron

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
As it turns out, the friction wheel needed to be replaced. The car is now running/sounds like a champ. All parts and labor where done for free so I believe that this diagnosis is accurate, and a rental car was provided free of charge while work was completed. I don't believe the belt was installed incorrectly.All my best.

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