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2003 BMW z4 2.5 passenger side windows doesn't roll up

Customer Question

2003 BMW z4 2.5
passenger side windows doesn't roll up automatically but will roll down. Bmw says this is not a feature on this car. Is this true
I had several repairs done for the windows on my car. I swear the windows went up automatically if you press the buttons together on the driver side. The convertible top up and down buttons when held one at a time will roll the windows down and will roll the windows up.BMW is stating that they have evidence that this is not a feature on my BMW for both windows to be synced to roll up but they are synced to roll down. I don't believe them because it seems so odd... My car has 145000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Jerry replied 1 year ago.

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On the E46 Convertible and E52 Z8 and E85 Z4 models, the "one-touch function" for closing windows is only available on the driver's door as these models do not have antitrap protection.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Since I asked for more details can you provide me with more evidence such as a post online or section in the BMW manual.
Expert:  Jerry replied 1 year ago.

That is a section of the factory manual.

Here is the rest if that is not enough, thanks

Power Windows (Window Regulator) (FH)

The power windows are controlled by the general module 5.

The power windows are operated via pull/push switches.

An additional feature of the Z8 (E52) is that it is possible to select whether the windows in the driver's and/or passenger's door can be operated from the driver's side by means of the selector switch for mirror adjustment on the driver's side.

In conjunction with the "rear power windows" option (E46), the child safety lock can be switched on and off by means of an additional switch in the center console.

On the E46 Convertible, an additional switch is provided in the center console (central power window switch) with which all windows can be opened or closed simultaneously.

On the E83, a door module is fitted in the driver's door; it incorporates switches that can be used to operate all the power windows of the vehicle. The door module has its own voltage supply. Communication with the general module 5 takes place across the LIN bus.

Power window switch

The switches feature two switching stages in each operating direction.

The first stage is used for conventional power window operation, i.e. provided the window power-window motor is not blocked, it is activated for as long as the switch is pressed or pulled.

The one-touch function is activated when the second stage of the switch is operated (overpressed) and then released. The corresponding window regulator is then activated until the corresponding end position is reached. The one-touch function can be interrupted at any time by pressing the switch again in any direction.

On the E46 Convertible and E52 Z8 and E85 Z4 models, the "one-touch function" for closing windows is only available on the driver's door as these models do not have antitrap protection.

The one-touch function is active as from terminal R in country-specific versions in which the "jamming protection" and "one-touch close" functions are not coded.

The power window switch features 2 contacts, the positions of which correspond to all switch operating statuses (coded switches). Conventional operation is signaled by the 2 contacts "OPEN" and "CLOSE". The one-touch function is signaled when "OPEN" and "CLOSE" are both active simultaneously. The direction of the one-touch function is determined by which of the two signals is activated first.

NOTE: If the general module detects both signals within 5 milliseconds (only possible as the result of misuse - e.g. switch impact), it can no longer differentiate the direction and therefore does not activate the corresponding window regulator.

Child safety lock (E46 Sedan and Sport Wagon)
The rear window switches can be deactivated by the switch provided for this purpose in the center console. This switch is in closed status.

The one-touch function activated at the rear power windows is interrupted if the child safety lock is pressed.

Even if the child safety lock is activated, the rear windows can still be opened with the rear switches in "crash mode", i.e. when the crash sensors have been triggered.

Window lowering on the E46 Coup�, E52 Z8 and E85 Z4

For window lowering, the window is automatically lowered a few centimeters after the door is opened. The window is closed again after the door is closed.

A requirement for this function is that the window is fully closed before the door is opened. The position of the open window glass cannot be changed.

On the E46 Coup�, an additional "Easy Entry " is provided in that the window of the driver's door can be fully opened if - with a locked car - the central locking system is unlocked twice in quick succession (using door lock or remote control). The window is closed automatically when the driver's door is opened and closed again.

NOTE: This function is controlled by the coding data and is only activated when the "selective unlock" function is not encoded.

Power window motor

Motor end cutout
The end cutout of the motors takes place on the basis of current measurement. After exceeding a maximum current which was recorded and stored as a reference during the initial opening and closing phase ("breakaway phase"), the relevant end position is assumed and the motor is switched off.

Anti-repeat circuit
To prevent the power-window motor from overheating, each motor features its own repeat lockout. The repeat lockout is activated when the motor is permanently operated for one minute.

Operation of the power windows is always deactivated (limited) after 8 seconds in order to switch off the relevant motor, e.g. when no blocking signal is sent or in case of defect in the mechanical system.

The one-touch function in the close direction as well as convenience locking are no longer enabled in the event of implausible values from the jamming protection sensor (permanently pressed, shorted or interrupted). The window can then only be closed in the second switch position.

Relay activation
The relays for activation of the power-window motors are located in the general module V. A defective relay is detected in the general module and stored as a fault in the fault memory.

Antitrapping protection

Antitrapping strip
Antitrapping strips are fitted in the upper area of all door window frames on the Sedan, Sport Wagon and Coup�. A strip consists of 2 contact strips molded in plastic which provide an electrically conductive connection when pressure is applied.

If pressure is applied to the finger-trap protection strip while closing the window, the closing function is interrupted and the window is driven in open direction for approx. 1 - 2 seconds .

The finger-trap protection function is NOT active when the switch is overpressed (one-touch function but permanently pressed).

Sensor statusSet resistance of sensor

Normally open3 kohms (+/- 5%)

Pressed< 1 kohm

On the models E46 Convertible and Compact (up to 09/2003), E52 Z8 and E85 Z4, no antitrapping strips are fitted. Due to statutory requirements, the "one-touch function" for closing windows is therefore only available on the driver's door.

Integrated antitrapping protection
On the E46 Convertible and Compact (as of 09/2003) and E83, the antitrapping protection is integrated in the individual power-window motors.

IMPORTANT: Following repair work on individual power-window motors, standardization is required to activate the antitrapping protection.

Standardization runs when the corresponding window is opened completely first of all. The window is then closed by means of sustained actuation of the corresponding power window switch in stage 2. When the end position is reached, the switch must be kept pressed in switch stage 2 for approx. 1 more second .

Convenience opening/closing

Provided terminal "R" is switched off, the windows as well as the sunroof can be opened and closed via the lock cylinders in the driver's and passenger's doors or via the remote control with the "radio remote control" option (NO lock cylinder fitted in passenger's door).

Convenience opening takes place when the lock cylinder is held in the "unlock" position for longer than 3 seconds or when the appropriate button on the remote control is pressed for the opening duration. If the sequence is interrupted (key or remote control button released), the convenience opening function can be resumed with the key or button within 2 seconds .

Convenience closing takes place when the lock cylinder is held in the "lock" position for longer than 2 seconds or when the appropriate button on the remote control is pressed for the closing duration. The finger-trap protection strip is active during convenience locking.

An active instruction "convenience opening" or "convenience closing" is terminated after 110 seconds at the latest, e.g. switch snagged.

Convenience opening and closing are separate functions and can be coded individually or together depending on the country variant.

Electric vent window on E46 Coup�

The vent windows are activated in the same way as the rear power windows by the general module.

End cutout by means of current measurement is not possible. For this reason, a maximum duty cycle is defined. This cycle is voltage-dependent.

Activation times:

Voltage / VoltActivation time / seconds

< 98

9 - 108

10 - 117

11 - 126

12 - 135

13 - 144

Special functions on E46 Convertible
The windows are lowered for approx. 1 second by pressing the "unlock convertible top compartment lid" button of the manual convertible top system. The precondition is that the window regulators are operable (e.g. ignition lock in position 1) and at least one window is completely closed.

In the case of the automatic convertible top, the windows are lowered when the "open convertible top" button is pressed. If the button is not released, the window opening function is stopped after 1.5 seconds .

After closing the convertible top the windows are closed by pressing the button once more. For this purpose, the convertible top control module (CVM) sends the "close window" instruction to the body electronics control module.

The closing procedure is stopped if the signal is no longer sent or inhibit current is detected.

Expert:  Jerry replied 1 year ago.

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