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Category: BMW
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How do I change the starter on a 2005 BMW 645 ci

Customer Question

How do I change the starter on a 2005 BMW 645 ci
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  eauto replied 1 year ago.

its a 6 hour job...12 41 020 - Removing and installing/replacing starter motor (N62)

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Disconnect battery ground terminal.
  • Remove right exhaust manifold

Release screws and nut on heat shield (1) (see arrows).
Remove heat shield (1).

Tightening torque: 12 41 6AZ

Disconnect plug connection (1) term.50.
Unscrew nut (2).

Tightening torque 12 41 4AZ

Remove starter cable (3) term.30.

Release screws on transmission (see arrows).

Tightening torque 12 41 1AZ

Assemble vehicle.

Expert:  eauto replied 1 year ago.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Remove right control sensor
  • Remove right monitor sensor
  • Remove complete exhaust system
  • Secure engine in installation position with special tool
  • E65 only: Remove intake filter housing
  • Lower front axle support
  • E65 only: Remove A/C compressor drive belt
  • Remove right engine support arm
  • BMW ALPINA B7 vehicles:
  • Remove exhaust temperature sensor

Release screw connection of A/C compressor.
Place A/C compressor to one side and secure A/C system line so as to improve accessibility to nuts on exhaust manifold.

For purposes of clarity, nuts are shown on removed engine.
Release nuts on exhaust manifold.
Remove exhaust manifold towards bottom and pull out towards rear.

Installation Note:
Replace seals.
Seal beads faces the exhaust manifold.
Coat threads with copper paste.
Replace nuts.
Tightening torque