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2005 RANGE ROVER HSE (BMW ENGINE) I would like to know

Customer Question

2005 RANGE ROVER HSE (BMW ENGINE) I would like to know the opinion of a professional mechanic that KNOWS THIS PARTICULAR vehicle ONLY. In other words, please do not answer this unless you personally have changed the starter in this vehicle. Here is the situation: The car was driven 12 hours earlier. All was fine. Next morning the temperature was 9 degrees F. The car turned over a few times but never started. A huge new battery with 00 gauge wire was brought in to jump it. NO sound from the solenoid or starter, but all lights were working. Cleaned battery terminals. No change. With jump battery in parallel voltage was 12.68 vdc. I personally don't think it is the starter because it DID crank a few times and find it difficult to believe that with only 3-4 crank attempts at 15 seconds each or so, that the starter would burn out, especially at 9 degrees. This puppy is a far cry from cars that I have changed starters on many times. Gone are the two nuts to hold it on and two leads. I consider myself a fair mechanic but do not have a lift. Only jacks and several floor jack stands. I do have a subscription to ALLDATADIY and the job does not look simple. Must even remove the intake manifold. Two main questions: Without a lift is this job more than I WOULD want to tackle without great difficulty? And the MAIN question: What should I check before trying a starter and in what order? There are several things that can cause this such as security system, fuses etc etc. I don't want to waste time doing a starter if that is not the problem. NOTE: MAJOR generous TIP will be given if expert and I can get this running without doing the starter replacement. I can follow directions very well if they are presented to me clearly. I am open to suggestions ONLY from a BMW or Range Rover technician OR someone that is 95% sure that he knows the source of the problem. I can guess things to check as well as the next guy, so, that is why I am searching for a mechanic that knows this particular BMW engine. I just don't want to waste a mechanics time or mine.

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: BMW