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My BMW 525xi 2006 series was stolen and recovered 6 weeks

Customer Question

My BMW 525xi 2006 series was stolen and recovered 6 weeks later. The inside was trashed and the keys are now gone. When I went to see the car at the tow yard, the doors were unlocked. Nothing works in the car(I am without keys still). but the horn does not work, lights don't flash, trunk wont open using the push button inside the care.
I am wondering about worst case scenarios of what could possibly be wrong with the car. The batter was replaced through autozone in May of 2015.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Steve replied 1 year ago.
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if the interior is that seriously damaged then the car won't likely be worth fixing because the costs to replace interior components is sky high. Plus you will need new keys and new programming
in terms of nothing working, that could be as simple as a dead battery or loose battery connection, but it could be a complete failure of power distribution or a failure of the car access system
Please let me know if you have further questions. Please do not forget to click a positive rating as this is the only way I receive credit for my answer, thank you. Best wishes with your vehicle.
Expert:  Steve replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  Steve replied 1 year ago.
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