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Code po53a comes up-crankcase breather heater circuit -

Customer Question

code po53a comes up-crankcase breather heater circuit - replaced both sensors in breather tube & hose
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Eric replied 1 year ago.


Information saved in DME Fault code 37DE - P053A Fault text Engine PCV heating system, control-activation: Open circuit Fault description The diagnostic function monitors the engine PCV heating system for open wires. Condition for fault identification Test condition: The fault is recognized by the driver circuit diagnostic function. Potential problem source(s): 1. Wires to positive crankcase ventilation not connected 2. Defective wiring harness 3. Defective relay (only possible with ECE) 4. Defective DME Terminal condition: Terminal 15 Voltage condition: none Temperature condition: none Time condition: none Other condition: - none Condition for fault memory entry This fault is logged in the control module's fault memory if it remains present for longer than 0.5 sec. Action in service - Connect wires for positive crankcase ventilation - Check wiring harness between DME and positive crankcase ventilation relay (ECE) and between DME and positive crankcase ventilation (US) - Replace relay (only possible on ECE) Fault effect and breakdown warning Possible apparent symptoms: none Driver information Warning light: none Service instruction none

At this point we need to start testing the wiring harness for this circuit. I will need the vin to pull this up