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Need step by step instruction on how to replace my blower

Customer Question

need step by step instruction on how to replace my blower motor and resistor on my 2002 BMW
X-5 , 3.0
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 year ago.

The resistor is located behind the glove box area on passenger side. Fairly easy replacement procedue -about 45minutes total time.
Here are directions:
Step 1: Remove the passenger side carpeted trim along the console. There is one screw in the front you have to take out and then gently pull to snap the clips out. Slide the trim to the front and work it out of it's place. Once the trim piece is free, unplug the hidden 12V outlet and set this to the side. The inside of the trim piece is a reverse image of this:

Step 2: Remove the hard plastic trim piece that is below the glove box by removing the two twist nuts and the one screw. Once the piece is free, carefully disconnect the interior light and set the trim piece aside.

Step 3: Remove the glove box. Open the glove box and remove the 4 horizontal screws that go across the top of the glove box opening. Next remove the pin that holds the plunger on the left side. Next gently press in on the stopper on the right side of the glove box to allow it to drop to a lower position so that you can remove the vertical screws that are on each side of the glove box opening (one on each side). Carefully remove the glove box from the opening. Once it it free, disconnect the wire to the flashlight and the wire to the glove box light and set the glove box aside.

Step 4: Carefully pop off the plastic heating duct and set it aside.

Step 5: Locate the final stage resistor unit.

Step 6: Press in the lock tabs and unplug the cable that goes to the final
stage resistor unit. It looks like this:

Step 7: Once the cable is unplugged, push down the lock tab that is on the lower side of the Final Stage Resistor and carefully wiggle it out.
Here is what the Final stage resistor looks like. The old one is on the left and the new one is on the right.

Step 8: Gently slide the new Final Stage Resistor into place, making sure that the lower locking tab snaps into place.

Step 9. Reconnect the cable back onto the Final Stage Resistor and do a quick check that the system is now working properly.

Step 10. Once you have verified that everything is working normally, follow the steps in reverse order to put everything back togethe

Expert:  Kevin replied 1 year ago.

With regards ***** ***** motor this is located in heatr box and requires complete dash board to be removed to access I don't have a guide for this as the size of job wont give full breakdown this is about 8-9 hour job at dealer so if you aren't familiar with deconstruction of a bmw (I'm asumming here) then expect 10-15 at least this is a list of items that will have to be removed to access

Remove both panels for front roof pillar.

Remove light switch unit.

Remove complete instrument carrier.

Remove fixture for steering column switch.

Remove center fresh air grill.

Remove radio receiver.

Remove airbag module on passenger side.

Remove center console.

Remove lower left trim from instrument panel.

Remove right glovebox.

Remove all clipped finishers (decorative strips on panel for instrument panel).