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Derek Werner
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2002 BMW 330i just changed the CCV and car wont start. Put a

Customer Question

2002 BMW 330i
just changed the CCV and car wont start. Put a code reader on the OBD2 and got to codes: P0604 and P0444. When I put power tester on Purge Valve connector (2 leads in connector) I get solid green for ground on 1 side when key is of and blinking ground when key is on, for what its worth. All we did was disconect the connectors necessary to replace the CCV and hoses and removed throttle body as instructed and cleaned, put everything back together, plugged all the connectors back together listening for the click (about 6 all together) tried to start and just spins. Pulled rear seat out and can hear fuel pump werring in key on position.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Derek Werner replied 2 years ago.

Hello and Welcome!

Sorry about the delay. From you description it sounds like a fuse may be open.

Check the main fuses which are used for the engine control system. They are located in the engine electronics box on the right rear side of the engine compartment. Remove the right side cabin filter and housing and a cover will need to be removed from the box itself. In the box is the engine control module and a small block of fuses. Remove the fuse block. Open the fuse block and check all the fuses visually.

A battery reset can be performed to see if the computer starts to function properly again. To do this, disconnect the battery and then tie the two battery cables together. I would recommend leaving them connected for about 15-30 minutes.

The fault code indicates a internal fault for the engine control module random access memory.

P0444 is a code for the ccv

Expert:  Derek Werner replied 2 years ago.

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