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2004 530i; I am getting a 281D BSD Generator Signal Fault.

Customer Question

2004 530i; I am getting a 281D BSD Generator Signal Fault. About 2 months ago the alternator started singing and I suspected that it was starting to fail.
Car has ~118,000 miles. also getting 2882 and 2883 Mixture Preparation Bank 1 & 2 FC. Q1) is the alternator the cause of the BSD Fault? Q2) Are the 2882 and 2883 faults related? Also been having some hanging in the shifting lately.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Thebmwbum replied 1 year ago.


The Bit Serial Data BSD . can be cause by the alternator or oil level sensor

DMW spwcific software would be needed to see if you have the Toems Fault

As well as BSD , YOu can also have the IBS bringing down the BSD line.Check for water in the trunk ,at the Battery and in the spare tire well .

An aftermarket alternator of the wrong type can overcharge the system and cause irregular shifts .

The Mixture Prep I would smoke the induction for intake leaks

and check if the MUltplicative Adaptatiojn is out of range

Some scanners will not pick that up

Enssure that the alternator is not overcharging first.



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