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328 4 door e90: i have a e90 2010 bmw 328 . I just bought it

Customer Question

i have a e90 2010 bmw 328 . I just bought it from a used dealer and got a great price . . So it had a idle problem that he said i need a mass air flow sensor . When you start it it idle rough for about 5-10 seconds depending how cold it is then it rides great but it activates the engine light . I am in florida i called bmw to get the part # ***** the serial #
Also another mechanic put his scanner on and mass flow sensor code came up
factory part OEM *********** siemens 5WK97508Z
but it had another sensor in 5wk97502z in ot so i figure it was a wrong part . I found a used one they said worked and i tried it and it idle even worst . So i thought the part was bad . i ordered a new one $230 and put it in with a new air cleaner . When i put the new one in the light came off but it idle erratically and couldnt even drive it it idle so bad but the engine light came off . So i put the original one the car came with 5wk97502z and it started to idle properly except for the 1st 5 sec but the engine light came back on . The 5wk97502z says it for 2006 . Does the car need to be programmed for the new mas air flow sensor ? I took the not urgent so could tip . Hope fully you can advise me on this issue .
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Steve replied 2 years ago.
Can you please clarify what your question is? Is it if you need to program the car after the airflow sensor is replaced?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

why would it idle bad with the correct sensor while it also turns off the engine light . But runs better with the wrong sensor and it activates the engine trouble light .

Expert:  Kenny replied 2 years ago.
Programming the vehicle will not fix your issue. So I would say your issue is not a airflow sensor. Do you know what the fault is? I have seen several things on your vehicle that could cause this issue but with out the fault code I am just guessing.

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