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My x5 02 has smoke coming out from exhaust I change ccv but

Customer Question

my x5 02 has smoke coming out from exhaust I change ccv but is till have smoke coming out
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Thebmwbum replied 2 years ago.
Some try to sneak this out ,
Most often you have to drain the quart of oil thats in the manifold.
remove the throttle housing plate and look in the manifold you may be able to sop this out.
Another item to consider if this is clean, is the cyclone separator behind the drivers side upper timing cover.
attached to this is also the drain tube back to the oil pan, this has been found to clog causing oil to backup into the manifold
and of course higher mileage cars that may have been in storage
Valve stem seals
if this is a benefit
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