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Z4: My BMW will not turn over. I was told not to jump start

Customer Question

My BMW will not turn over. I was told not to jump start her as it would interfere with the sensors. Is this correct? I have a QUIK-JUMP and may I use it. I don't want to hurt my baby in any way.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Jerry replied 2 years ago.
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Battery Charging
If a normal or quick charger is used to charge the battery, the battery must be disconnected from the vehicle electrical system and removed. This prevents damage to paintwork and upholstery.
Ideally, battery charging is performed with BMW-approved charging computer.
Use the B+ terminal in the engine compartment.
Instructions For Disconnecting And Connecting Battery
Observe safety instructions for handling vehicle battery.
Before disconnecting battery:
Switch off ignition.
NOTE: If the ignition is not turned off when the battery is disconnected, fault memories may be set in some control units.
Danger of mixing up: If the battery positive and negative leads are the same color and you are in doubt, follow the polarity to the battery, then mark and cover the leads.
On vehicles with radio code: After disconnecting the battery, the radio code must be re-entered. Therefore obtain the radio code card from the customer beforehand. Note down programmed stations and store these stations back in memory once the battery has been reconnected.
Stored settings of the on-board computer and clock will also be lost.
All available keys must be recoded for cars with first generation infrared transmitter locking systems.
General notes on disconnecting battery:
The battery and the leads to the alternator and starter motor must not be disconnected while the engine is running.
Detach terminal of battery negative lead from car battery and second battery if fitted. Cover battery negative terminal(s).
When work is carried out on the electrical system, faults may be caused in the fault memories of some control units when the battery is connected.
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