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How to remove the speedometer

Customer Question

how to remove the speedometer
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Kevin replied 2 years ago.
Hi I'm Kevin
1. Remove the 2 screws in the cluster that attach it to the dash.
2. Push the bottom of the cluster in, while pulling the top of the dash up (over the cluster) to free the top, it is a little tight, but it allows the top of the cluster to pop down a little.
3. Using an old plastic credit card push it into the slight gap at the top, and push it down while again pushing the bottom in to get the cluster to pop out and for enough space to put your fingers into the top and 'pull' the cluster down.
4. Next the curved cluster top comes down and the bottom in, so you see the top of the cluster now.
5. What I do now is to put the ignition key in, if not all ready in, and to position where steering wheel can move without locking. do NOT switch on, as its very important not to have the airbag light on when removing the cluster.
If you do, then you will cause the computer to think there is an airbag fault and you will need to get the light reset
6. Ok next what I do is move the steering wheel so its straight with the BMW badge etc right way up.
This causes the space in the top of the wheel to be in right position to take cluster out through.
7. Next what I do is pull the cluster forward from the top, and then face it down just behind the steering wheel. remember to put a cloth over the back of the steering wheel to prevent scratching the cluster face.
8. Detach the plugs by gently pushing the retaining arm up, I push down on the grooved tab to make it easier. the plug should then come out.
9. I pull the cluster forward till the back which should be facing up at about 45 degrees comes out past the dash.
10. Next turn the cluster round and pull through the steering wheel.