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330ci: Since I had work done on belts my 20012 BMW 330c1 on

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Since I had work done on belts my 20012 BMW 330c1 on occassion will show a dasboard light ...a traingle inside of a broken circle...yellow/orange. What does this light mean?

internal88 :

Hello, I'm Brandon.

internal88 :

The belts have nothing to do with the light you described.

internal88 :

what it means is the traction when the car is out of traction the thing flashes
when you have traction again the sign goes away. It does not mean there is
something wrong with the engine.

You can turn it off by pushing the DSC button once and the sign will stay on.
Then you will have limited assisted traction control.

You can also hold the DSC button down and the sign will come on and the brake
lights will also come on. This means the car has absolutely no traction
control and you have to be very carefully if you are not familiar
with how your car drives and handles.

internal88 :

Let me know if you have further questions. I will be online until 5pm.

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