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325 CI Convertible Cabriolet: 2001 BMW 325 CI Convertible Cabriolet

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2001 BMW 325 CI Convertible Cabriolet that I am going to sell. In the Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds, when trying to look up the various prices (trade in, sell by owner, retail price) on line, the models do not include the Cabriolet option.

How do I find the value of the car for this model (Original MSRP $52,500 approximately)?

The car is a five speed manual transmission and pretty much all the other options.
It has 156K miles on it and is great condition. Also, how many miles, typically, will this engine go before needing an overhaul?

eurotec :

Hi, if you go to Kelly Blue Book you have the option to select a convertible when inputting the information. BMW refers to the convertible as a 325CIc. Click here for the report I ran on the car. I chose the premium package with power seats and leather interior.

eurotec :

I have a customer with the same car with over 250,000 miles and still going strong. Regular oil changes every 7,500 miles with synthetic motor oil greatly extends the life of the motor.

eurotec :

Click here for the page on Kelly Blue Book where you can select the convertible.

eurotec :

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Eurotec

Thanks for the feedback. I had run the same reports that you directed me to. Thanks. I thought there would be a different model option for the Cabriolet - or all the 325 CI Convertibles called "Cabriolet"?


So you know someone that's gone 250K+ miles on this engine. But being a mechanic on this engine, would you generally say they should be good for 250K or 300K if the oil is changed regularly. (I know you can't say for sure - but I've had Toyotas and they have a reputation of going 300k pretty regularly - you know what I mean?)


One other, question about this engine, I had the car about 5 years, I have to put a quart of oil in about every 2000 miles. Is this typical? It doesn't smoke or leak oil. Do 3 series BMW's typical use oil like this?


Thanks again for your feedback.

Hi Leroy, yes all BMW convertibles are called Cabriolet. With proper service the motor will easily do 250,000 or more. I cannot stess the importance of regular oil changes. If you are using a quart every 2000 miles and it has been that way for some time I would not be too concerned. Anything less than a quart every 1000 miles is acceptable.
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