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BMWDoc, Independent BMW shop owner
Category: BMW
Satisfied Customers: 6457
Experience:  20 years of experience working with BMW's. Independent European shop owner and technician.
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X3: BMW x3 leaking oil unto radiator 53,000 mi just out of

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BMW x3 leaking oil unto radiator 53,000 mi just out of warranty BMW wants 4k to repair says its a blown gasket
Is this a common problem?
Is price to repair reasonable?

BMWDoc :

Hello, I'm Jason. I will do my best to answer your question quickly and accurately using the information you have provided.

BMWDoc :

I have a couple questions for you, and will see if you're able to join live chat

Customer: I'm here
BMWDoc :

Looks like you were able to join live chat

BMWDoc :


BMWDoc :

Ok, now, a head gasket problem is not entirely common on these

BMWDoc :

have you owned the X3 since new?

Customer: No bought in 2008 with original and BMW used car warranty
BMWDoc :

Meaning CPO warranty? And did you have regular servicing done by BMW?

Customer: Yes until warranty expired. Continued service elsewhere
BMWDoc :

Ok, I've got to say that head gasket problems are extremely uncommon on these. What were the symptoms leading up to this?

Customer: Overheating for first time ever then oil started gushing towed to BMW
Customer: Some of the forums says gasket problems common at or about 60k miles. Mine has 53k miles
BMWDoc :

Ok, good information. When it started to overheat, how much further did you drive?

Customer: Just to safety and added coolant
Customer: BMW charged 500 just to check it out but still can't say how much to repair
BMWDoc :


BMWDoc :


Customer: Yes
Customer: We've bought 5 bows from this place
BMWDoc :

Ok, with the rarity of head gasket problems on these, I would first suggest a second opinion from an independent Foreign/Euro repair shop

Customer: Bmws not bows
Customer: That's our plan have it towed recommendation for zip code 92067?
BMWDoc :

Let me take a look

Customer: At first BMW said they could get a waiver from BMW headquarters just to get us in no doubt
Customer: Courtesy repair they said
BMWDoc :

Meaning goodwill warranty?

Customer: Yes
BMWDoc :

this is why I was asking ownership history

BMWDoc :

because they do have that possiblity

BMWDoc :

but if not, these guys have an excellent reputation

BMWDoc :

Customer: I know got it on our BMW x5
BMWDoc :

But they didn't ultimately offer this with the current problem?

Customer: Ok thanks are you going to charge the full $37?
Customer: where are theses guys?
Customer: Not yet but I'm good at writing
BMWDoc :

Actually, I don't know how the billing works. I just work on answering the tough stuff :-)

BMWDoc :

This shop is near Mirimar

Customer: Gotcha
BMWDoc :

Sorry, Miramar

Customer: Ok thanks
BMWDoc :

glad to help, and wish you luck with this. Hopefully, BMW steps up

Customer: They'd better the eejits
Customer: Gaelic for fools
BMWDoc :

LOL. If not, Barons has a fantastic reputation

BMWDoc :


BMWDoc :

I know that one

BMWDoc :

It's also Yosemite Sam for fools

BMWDoc and 2 other BMW Specialists are ready to help you