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750Li: I have a 2011 750Li BMW with 43k miles; excellent condition.

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I have a 2011 750Li BMW with 43k miles; excellent condition. I received Monday morning a computer msg saying "Sterring wheel response affacted"...only apparent thing was steering wheel was stiff to turn but still somewhat manageable. Drove it to Dealer who told me the Engine Wiring Harness has been damaged as if an animal chewed on wires, etc..I drove car Saturday at 4:30 pm with no issues and parked it in garage till MOnday morning when problem was noticed. No one worked or touched this car. Is it plausible that the dealer is scamming me here for a $4000 harness replacement and saying it is not covered under Mfg warranty or extended warranty? Would that cause the steering wheel to act stiff (as if it lost is power steering capability)? I am at a loss! Any help . advice would be much [email protected]

eurotec :

Hi, rodent damage to the wire harness is obvious upon inspection and is also easily repairable in most cases. I would have the dealer show you the damaged area and inquire about simply repairing the gnawed wiring. If they are unwilling to do this for you I would take the car to an independent BMW specialist to have them make the repair. I cannot imagine that the entire wiring harness needs to be replaced due to rodent damage. I repair rodent damaged harnesses regularly on vehicles with no adverse effects. It sounds to me as though the dealer is trying to sell you more than you need to get this repaired. Your BMW has electronic power steering so damage to the wiring harness will cause the steering to be stiff.

eurotec :

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Customer: Is it easy to see the harness after lifting the hood? Is the harness considered part of the engine or electrical system as I am trying to see if it can be covered under mfg warranty or extended warranty which I have? Can there be another defect that causes the stiff steering wheel that the dealer may be wanting to blaim it on the harness to avoid covereage? Any recommendation on BMW specialist in New Orleans?
Hi, it appears as though you are still in chat mode somehow. You will need to exit the chat and come back in to switch modes.

The wiring harness would probably not be noticeable from under the hood. Most likely the damage is under the car where the harness connects to the steering. The dealer is obliged to show you the problem. The harness is considered part of the electrical system. If there is rodent damage neither the manufacturers warranty or the extended warranty will cover this although your auto insurance or homeowners insurance may have coverage for something like this. You should check with your agent. I doubt that the dealer is trying to blame this on something that it is not I just think they are doing more than is necessary to repair the problem. Click here for the Bosch Car Service Center locater. Enter your vehicle make and zip code and a search radius and you should be able to find some qualified BMW specialists in your area.

Please let me know if you need anything else.
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