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2006 BMW 750li: Drive Control system malfunction ; drive

Customer Question

I have a 2006 BMW 750 LI - ON the I drive computer in the vehicle; the display message says Drive Control system malfunction; drive moderately; What does that mean and what can I do to resolve the problem?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  BMW Pro. replied 5 years ago.



it means that the electronics of the car has registered and logged a fault in the drive train which requires immediate attention. Unfortunately this warning is not specific in any way and the fault could literally be anything. The only way to narrow down the problem would be to have the vehicle's fault code memory read which any well equipped specialist can do for you. In the meantime you should certainly take the advice the display is giving you on the way to garage.



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for the answer;


This is in reference to the first question


The problen occur when there was a flat tire message on the computer; then I took it to a place so they can determine if the tires were low or not; the he told me that the rear sensor was malfunctioning; so he attempted to clear the code; in the meantime; while he attempted to clear the code for the flat tire; that is when the drive control; drive moderately message appear; then I took it back there; he was supposed to clear the code; he said the message should go away with a few miles; but it never happen; now I am not sure if I shuld take it back there; afraid that something else will go wrong?


What would you suggest on this situation?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.



Any replies to my last uestion?

Expert:  BMW Pro. replied 5 years ago.

Your tyre pressure warning light should certainly clear straight away after being reset. Do you have the fault codes that stored?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

What about the other part of the message I sent in regard too when the mechanic was trying to detrmine the flat tire issue and he was turning the wheel back and forth; the Drive Contol - drive moderately message appeared; my additional question was should I take it back to the place to created that problem; or let another mechanic detrmine what is going.


Please read my prior message again!


Thank you

Expert:  BMW Pro. replied 5 years ago.

Turning any raised wheel with the engine running will bring on a warning light. This system is sensitive when it comes to wheels spinning individually. There's a very good chance he has created the problem if this is the case.


What is this "rear sensor" you or he is referring to?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The wheels was not moving; the mechanic was sitting in the car with the car on moving the steering wheel keft and right to determine the flat tire fault; he determine that the rear sensor was malfuntioning and needed to be replaced;


While he was using the equipment to find out the problem; the message of drive control system malfuntion; drive moderately appear; he then attempted clear the code; then he said if I would drive a few miles; the code would disappear on its own;


However; that did not happen; so I took it back there and he attempted to clear the code; as of right now; the codes with the flat tire and drive control; driver moderately message is still being display.


My question is at this time; What could be the problem and if I need to take it to another BMW mechanic


Also; flat tire message is displayed; but none of my tires are on flat.


So I am at a loss right now.


Expert:  BMW Pro. replied 5 years ago.

The answer is yes, from the limited amount of information you've given me it sounds like the "mechanic" doesn't know how to deal with the fault, you need to speak to a BMW mechanic with BMW testing equipment.