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1996 328i: overheating..drives..thermostat, fan blades, radiator flush

Resolved Question:

bmw 1996 328i overheating short drives. thermostat, fan blades, radiator flush?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Lee replied 5 years ago.
Hello welcome to JustAnswer,

The overheating problem could actually be caused by several different things.

It could be due to a bad waterpump. On these vehicles the plastic waterpump impellers usually fail causing no circulation of the coolant. This is actually very common and would cause the engine to overheat fairly quickly.

Usually if you open up the overflow reservoir cap, you should be able to see a steady stream of coolant coming from a tiny hole out of the top of the reservoir with the engine running. If you have a steady stream then the waterpump is most likely working ok.

If the waterpump is bad, you will want to replace it with one that has a metal impeller.

It could be due to air being in the cooling system. This would usually occur if either the system had gotten low on coolant, if the system had service done recently and was not properly bled, or if there is any sort of leak in the system.

It could be due to a thermostat that is jamming closed. This would cause no coolant to circulate through the system and can quickly cause the engine to overheat.

It could be caused by a bad/blown headgasket. This usually would only occur if the engine was severely overheated.

Or it could be due to a failing cooling fan clutch. If you are located in a cold climate this would probably be the least likely problem of them all.

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