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BMW 750Li How do i open the hood on a 2006 BMW 750 li if the

Customer Question

How do i open the hood on a 2006 BMW 750 li if the release lever does not work on the inside
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Roger replied 6 years ago.
Opening the hood on a BMW with the release handle not working is a very difficult task. The first thing to try will be to remove the hood release hands to access the cable. You can sometimes get the hood to pop by pulling on the cable with some pliers.
If pulling the cable does not work then the only way to break the latch mechanism using long screw drivers in which the kidney grill sometimes have to be broken to access. This is still difficult to do and the latches need replacement after along with the cable to prevent it from occurring again. If pulling the cable does not work I would recommend the dealer due to the difficulty. And also access to the parts for replacement once open.
Sorry there is no easy trick for this.
I hope this is helpful. Please accept and best wishes on your repair. Thank you.