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745li: the dsc malfunction drive moderately light came..reduced power

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i have an 03 745li and i need help with couple of issues. the dsc malfunction drive moderately light came on with a yellow light on the dash. it said reduced power during accelearation and curves. i stopped the car and the lights went off and havent been back on. please kindly explai what my issues could be

my trunk will open with the button on key remote, inside and on trunk but it wont lift up automatically like its supposed to. i also have to close manually but the suction still works. i hve heard it could be the hydraulic but i dont have a way to check this or a way to know what to look for? any schematic will help

also i need a DIY on how to change the guibo (flex disc) on this car to fix the downward shift problem on the transmission. i have heard there is another way of resetting the transmission besides doing the normal reset process by stepping down on the accelerator method, i believe it is done with some kind of a dealer software. is there any easier way to get this done besides having the dealer do it?
Hi, for the first issue , If you aren't getting no other warning lights in addition to the dsc warning then I would suspect the steering angle sensor is sending a fault signal intermittently. This is very common, and requires replacement of the steering column switch cluster (szl). The part is about $520, plus about 2 hours to install and program. The dealer or well equipped bmw independent shop needs to handle this repair.

The hydraulic trunk problem can be a few different things, and needs to be inspected and diagnosed to know what the problem is for sure. The hydraulic hoses can leak. The computer that runs the trunk can fail, sometimes if you unplug the control unit, the trunk may work again for a while. It's a little white box in the right hand side of the trunk behind the trim panel. The connector will slide to unplug the unit.

Here is the a set of pictures to illustrate the flex disc replacement.
The basic procedure is:
  1. Drop exhaust system
  2. Drop heat shields
  3. Drop transmission mount
  4. Drop driveshaft (CV joint at rear, center mount, then guibo joint)
For the o3 models the flex disc needs to be replaced in most cases, the metal collars separate from the rubber and cause play in the driveline.
After the disc is replaced, it's best to reset the transmission adaptations using the bmw scan tool, there is no other way to do it that I'm aware of. This will usually smooth things up a bit.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thanks a bunch for your help. will the dsc thing cause any major problems to the car? or what are the consequences of the steering angle sensor going bad? i appreciate all
When the warning light is on, the dsc system will likely be inactive, so if you were to lose control of the vehicle on a wet surface the abs and individual wheel braking won't occur to keep you pointed in the right direction.
Normally with a key cycle, the warning light will go off.
It won't really cause any subsequent damage if the part isn't replaced right away, other than the possible safety concern.
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