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2000 740I: average total billed hour to replace timing chain

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1. average total billed hour to replace timing chain in 2000 740I ?
2. average total cost

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.

The labor rates will vary some depending on location. I know that here in the South eastern US the average is $85-$110 per flat rate hour.

I do have the factory labot time along with the retail prices. They will normally add a few tenths for misc, (oil change and hoses, etc.) and shop supplies, eviromental fees and of course, taxes.

Parts Information
Part OEM Part Price
Timing Chain
18 - Camshaft Chain 11311747437 $45.93
18 - Timing Chain 11311741746 $138.16
Labor Skill
Timing Chain
Replace B 16.7 35.3
Includes: Chain Guides, Tensioner and Make Any Adjustments.
To R&R Sprockets, Add B 0.4 0.5

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Is the answer 16.7 hours or 35.3 hours?
Customer pay would be 35.3, plus any extras like oil change, coolant, etc. Warrantee (facroty) would be the 16.7 and some extended warranty companies might fall in the middle, thanks and please don't forget to hit the accept button though, that is the only way we get paid.
Jerry and 2 other BMW Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have hit the accept button so your response is optional.
1) What % of BMW 740i engines require timing chain replacement?
2) At what mileage typically?
Thank you for your response,
Ed Shotts
I am told Lexus routinely recommends timing chain replacement at 90,000 miles at a cost under $2000.
Why would BMW be so much more expensive.
It is a lot more labor to replace that chain than on a Lexus and they parts are more expensive, (supposedly better too).

They don't actually have any scheduled time or milage to replace the timing chains, but you don't want it to break, as that causes major engine problems.

From what I see, the percentage of timing chains that do break I would have to say is under 30% on the 740's

Thank you and come again, anytime.

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