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BMW 318is My 1993 BMW 318IS Coupe has an immobiliser problem.

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My 1993 BMW 318IS Coupe has an immobiliser problem. Often the "transponder" when
clicked simply has no effect. It will not lock or unlock the car. If I open car using the
manual key it will turn over fine but not fire. I have replaced the trasponder battery, and
the car battery, but this has not helped. Sometimes it works fine for days or weeks on
end, then suddenly the immobiliser "locks". Once the car is running it is fine, but when I
stop I am never sure to get it going again.

Any ideas? Can I decouple the immobiliser ?? or what??


This isn't the the immobilizer in this instance ,This will make the starter not turn over

not turn over and no start,Take a close look at the crank sensor .You should have 560 ohms through the windings and open to the shielding

below is the sensor location


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