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BMW X5 Bluetooth for my 2006 BMW X5 non-DPS with GPS has suddenly

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Bluetooth for my 2006 BMW X5 non-DPS with GPS has suddenly stopped working. Can the system be easily reset?

In order to reset the TCU (telematics control unit), which controls the bluetooth function, you will need to unplug the electrical connector to the control unit for approx. 5 minutes. The control unit is located in the trunk, behind the trim panel on the drivers side.


To access the plug connector, you will have to remove the control unit, for this you will need to 10mm socket, small extension and ratchet.


Repair instructions are provided for removal of the module, then simply unplug the electrical connector, the antenna connections can stay connected for this procedure.


Removing And Installing Transmit-Receive Unit

Remove luggage compartment floor trim panel.
Remove flap in luggage compartment trim panel on left.

Unscrew nuts (1).
Remove support for side member at rear left (2).

Release cap nuts (1).
Remove retaining bracket (2) and transmit-receive unit (3) in direction of arrow.
Disconnect plug connections (4).

Replace cap nuts (1).


Keep in mind if this reset procedure doesn't not bring back functionality to the telephone system, there may be an internal fault in the TCU, for this diagnosis the vehicle will need to be service by your local dealership.


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