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can i clean my idle speed control valve e46 1999 323i 2.5ltr

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can i clean my idle speed control valve? e46 1999 323i 2.5ltr (6)
Yes you can, the best solvent to use to clean it is break cleaner it will remove the buildup with out some of the other harsh chemicals that are in some of the other cleaners. Plug up one side spray the inside and then rotate it from side to side and you will hear the slide moving as you do this. Then empty out the cleaner and perform this several times, and you will be all set.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
do i need to remove the black box ish thing that is fixed with the torqe screws, just above and in front of it?
Yes you do, that black box is called the DISA valve. There are 2 torx 40 screws that hold it in place 1 on top and 1 on the bottom. Then there are 2 more that hold the bracket for the ICV. And you will have to remove the 10 mm bolt and nut that hold the wire harness bracket in place so you have enough room to remove it. Once you pull the ICV out there is a rubber bushing it sits in on the intake manifold side. Just be careful because sometimes this will come out and fall below.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Did not have chance to read your reply before i attacked it this am. Anyway, got it off and it was a little sticky with carbon etc. Cleaned it with Carb cleaner (all i had on a Bank Holliday Monday) and now free as a bird! Just to put you in the picture,just had a LIMA LPG conversion put on it and the guy said the ICV was a little sticky. Before i had the LPG conversion, she did not have an idle problem. Now, after i have cleaned the ICV, on Petrol, i have to Rev her above 2500 rpm to stop here from hunting and the ECM struggling to know how to fuel her. When she settles, she except load on and load off INSTANTLY so i guess the ICV is as sharp as a button?

Very happy with you help and will except answer.

Glad to here it worked out.




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