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1998 BMW 528I: moon roof slides back and forth ok..actuated..wont stay

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I have a 1998 BMW 528I and am having moon roof problems. The moon roof slides back and forth ok when actuated by the switch. The only problem is that the moon roof wont stay shut (closed). It closes then automatically retracts partially ( 6" or so) thus I can never shut it fully. I have been told that this reaction/retraction is a safety feature of the car, which is obviously now malfunctioning. How do I reset the mechanism ( if that is what is required) or just what needs to be done to fully resolve my issue? Please respond with detailed instructions and explanation. Also, I have a DTC code of P0340 which is an issue with the camshaft position sensor. Will replacing the sensor and resetting the code likely prevent the check engine light from coming on again, or is there something else triggering the code that affects the CPS sensor? Thanks, Steve
To answer your sensor code question yes replacing the CPS will resolve your problem. You have to re-intiatilize the sunroof to do this you will push the sunroof button as if you were putting it into the vent position (were just the back of the lid is in the up & open position) you will hold the button in for around 15 - 20 seconds. Once it is re-initialized the rear of the lid will move up then down only a small movement. Once it has done this release the button & it is now re-intialized. Now run it through the open, close, tilt up, tilt down. They should all work properly now.
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