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how to remove rear wheel hub on 2002 bmw 745i

Resolved Question:

how to remove rear wheel hub on 2002 bmw 745i
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Roger replied 7 years ago.



To replace the hub on this vehicle many special tools are needed. Also at the same time the wheel bearing has to be replaced due to the hub cannot be removed without damage to the wheel bearing. The wheel bearing is then installed and then the hub is drawn into the wheel bearing.


The brakes and brake shoes need to be removed first.


Then you can remove the hub and wheel bearing.


GRRA3303-30 Force drive flange with special tools and 5 wheel bolts out of wheel bearing.


GRRA3301-33If necessary, raise wheel carrier slightly with workshop jack. Release screws with 3/8 Torx socket.. Remove wheel bearing.
GRRA3301-34Installation: Keep contact surface (2) of wheel bearing/wheel carrier clean and free from oil and grease. Except when replacing: Recondition tapped holes (1). Install new wheel bearing.

GRRA3307-43Mount special tool 33 2 201 with three wheel studs to drive flange. Draw in output shaft with special tool 33 2 205 up to stop; in so doing, grip basic body 33 2 201 with special tools 33 2 202 and 33 5 070.


One trick that you might be able to do is to have someone hold pressure on the axle and carefully tap the hub into place. Once in fare enough the hub bolt can be used to draw it in the rest of the way. The only bad thing is you risk damage to the wheel bearing if the inner race walks out by not using the special tools. It can be done but sometimes the race will walk out.

I hope this is helpful. Please accept this answer and Thank you.

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