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1995 BMW 325I: Windshield wipers quit working..Fuses good

Customer Question

1995 BMW 325I - Windshield wipers quit working. Fuses good. Plug to motor is good. Hear relay behind glove box click when turning the wipers on, but they do not move. Can move the linkage by hand. Are there fuses behind the glove box to check? or is it the motor?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  mike replied 7 years ago.
Hi does sound like the wiper motor. Real easy to check is to run the wipers with the switch and at the plug to the motor ck for power use a multimeter and one end to a good ground and the other end at the connector after disconnecting it. Try both wires. If you have power to the motor and the motor does not work it needs a motor. Mike
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is there a trick to get the motor out? Doesn't look like any fun
Expert:  mike replied 7 years ago.

Hi here is the repair instructions its not that bad. Just looks bad. Thanks mike



61 61 270Removing and installing complete mounting bracket for windshield wiper system with motor (4-door model)
GRRA0000-INFONecessary preliminary tasks:
Remove windshield wiper arms.
GRRA3612-053Remove grille cover of air collector.
GRRA3612-040Loosen wiring harness on end wall. Bend soundproofing mat to one side, release screw.
GRRA3612-054Remove screws of cable channel.
GRRA3612-041Press wiring harness to one side. Unfasten screws and remove bracket.
GRRA3661-101Pull out air collector in upwards direction.
GRRA5012-048M50 only: Unclip covers. Unfasten screws. Remove cover of injection-valve plate.
GRRA5012-049Unclip covers. Unfasten screws.
GRRA5012-050Remove cover.
GRRA3661-175Mask off cowl panel on inside and at edges with plastic sheet or similar. This prevents the cowl panel from being scratched when the wiper mounting bracket is removed.
GRRA3661-058UWrap driver's side wiper shaft in insulating tape to prevent scratching cowl panel during removal. Unscrew nuts. Installation: Tightening torque, 61 61 5AZ.
GRRA3661-059URemove complete support. Unfasten screws. Installation: Tightening torque, 61 61 9AZ.
GRRA3661-060UDisconnect plug connection at bulkhead/wiper motor.
GRRA3661-102Feed mounting bracket for windshield wiper system complete with motor out of body as shown in following illustrations.
GRRA3661-176Installation: When installing cable duct, make sure rubber grommets of cable penetration are properly fitted.
GRRA0000-HINWEISInstallation: Observe tightening sequence of screws/nuts:
1.At cowl panel (large nut) Tightening torque, 61 61 5AZ.
2.Support on wiper motor Tightening torque, 61 61 9AZ.
3.Support on wiper motor Tightening torque, 61 61 8AZ.






Customer: replied 7 years ago.



Got the motor out. Only have power to 1 wire, the rest show no power no matter the position on the wiper switch. Any Ideas?

Expert:  mike replied 7 years ago.
I will have to look up wiring diagram at work. Mike