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How do i remove the inner door panel on a 2003 BMW x5 4.6.

Resolved Question:

How do i remove the inner door panel on a 2003 BMW x5 4.6. The outer handle no longer opens the door and i assume something has come loose inside.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts
Oakville ontario
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: BMW
Expert:  Lee replied 7 years ago.
Hey brian,

If it is just the outside handle that does not work and the inside door handle operates the door correctly, then it sounds to me like a failed outer door handle carrier.

These are known to crack and break.

Also on earlier X5's the cables had a problem with freezing. This would cause the door to not open from the outside handle until the cable thawed out. After it thawed the door would work fine again until it refroze.

Which door is it (front or rear) (drivers or passengers)?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It is the front passanger. Short of taking it to a drealer what should i do to fix the isuue.
Expert:  Lee replied 7 years ago.
Well if it is a broken door handle carrier, there is unfortunately nothing you could do to fix it besides replacing the carrier.
Here is a picture of it:

Is the outer door handle always inoperative or is it just an intermittent problem?

If you like I could get some repair instructions.

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